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Exciting Red Snapper Excursions: Unleash the Adventure

Get ready for an exhilarating fishing adventure of a lifetime! Look no further than our Red Snapper Trips with Reel Southern Fishing Charters.


 We've got you covered with a complete package that includes all the essentials for an unforgettable day on the water. With our expert guides and top-notch equipment, you'll have everything you need to reel in the prized Red Snapper and create cherished memories.

Multiple boats are available to accommodate bigger groups, ensuring everyone can join in on the fun. Let us know beforehand, and we'll tailor the experience to your group's needs.

Pricing and Season: Our Red Snapper Trips are priced based on the number of people in your party:

  • 1-4 People: $1450

  • 5 + People: $1600 


Please note that prices are subject to change and availability. For the latest pricing and to book your trip, it's best to contact us directly.


Included in Your Trip: When you choose our Red Snapper Trips, leave all the planning to us. We take care of every detail to ensure you can fully immerse yourself in the joy of fishing. 

  • Gas and Live Bait: Our boats are fueled and ready to go, guaranteeing a smooth journey to the best fishing spots. Plus, we provide live bait to attract those elusive Red Snappers.

  • Bottled Water: Stay hydrated throughout your adventure with complimentary bottled water. Fishing can be quite active, and keeping yourself refreshed under the sun is crucial.

  • Rods and Tackle: No need to worry about bringing your fishing gear. We provide high-quality rods and tackle so you can fish with confidence.

  • Fish Cleaning and Bagging: Leave the messy work to us! Once you've caught your prized Red Snappers, our experienced crew will clean and bag them, ensuring they're ready for your journey home.

What to Bring: 

While we take care of the essentials, there are a few items you should bring along for your trip:

  • Snacks and Drinks: Pack your favorite snacks and beverages to energize and refresh you throughout the day. Fishing can work up an appetite, and having your preferred snacks on hand ensures you won't miss a moment of excitement.

  • License: Each person participating in the trip will need a 3-day charter-for-hire license, priced at $10 per person. Be sure to obtain the necessary license before boarding the boat.

  • Ice Chest: Bring an ice chest to transport your fish fillets home safely. This ensures they remain fresh until you can savor them at your dining table.

Bigger Groups? No Problem! Are you planning a trip with a larger group? We've got you covered! 


The Red Snapper season opens in June, making it the perfect time to embark on this exciting fishing expedition. Mark your calendar and start planning your adventure today!


Conclusion: With Reel Southern Fishing Charters' Red Snapper Trips, you'll have everything you need for an unforgettable fishing experience. From the moment you step on board to the thrill of reeling in your catch, we'll ensure your trip is comfortable, enjoyable, and exciting. Book your journey today and prepare for an adventure that will stay with you for years to come!

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